Secondary Team Championships

The Secondary Schools Team Relay Championships organiser is Tim Hartley

The Secondary Schools Team Relay Championships is the longest running championship series organised by the ESSA. It is open to secondary school aged swimmers from across England, including state, public and home-schooled students. Teams compete in 4x50m Freestyle and Medley relays. The Championships is run as a national final with competing schools determined by the fastest times achieved in a qualifying round organised by the ESSA divisions. Some divisions hold multiple qualifying galas in different locations to ensure a wide participation. In 2017 over a thousand school teams participated in the qualifying round over  17 separate gala locations across the country. 165 separate schools participated in the National Finals that were held at the London Aquatic Centre - the home of swimming for the 2012 Olympics. 2017 also saw the introduction of Para events to the championships. These are run as Division rather than school teams to maximise opportunity for involvement.

2018 Event

Sat 17th November 2018 - 61st Secondary Schools' Team Championships
Venue : London Aquatics Centre


Handbook and Pool Familiarisation Timetable

Below is a link to the handbook for this event that sets out information which is useful for all attendees, whether competitors, spectators or officials/volunteers.
Also a link to the Pool Familiarisation (warm-up) timetable. Please check this and send any queries direct to Tim Hartley  

Qualifiers/Start List/Results

Below are links to download: The list of qualifiers/reserves; A pack full details/instructions for qualifiers and reserves; A full consolidated list of results from all qualifying round galas.
- V2 update corrects a Senior Boys Freestyle result, making a difference to the reserves. Also corrects the date of the Finals for the Qualifiers report.

Further details for those attending the final will be available here nearer the date of the championships.
A a full set of start lists/results will be available on the day of the competition at Results from previous year's championships are available using the link in the Results section below. These include Para events broken down by category. Previous Championships records are also available below.


If you are a qualified official and would be interested in supporting this event, please contact
Expenses within policy are payable (e.g. if you travel with a swimmer, ESSA will pay for parking but not for travel). Check with Jackie for details.


Information on how to pre-order hoodies, shirts, hats, towels etc is available on the merchandise page [Click here to go to merchandise page].
Closing date for personalised orders is 5th November 2018. All orders will be acknowledged. (Payment is to be made on the day of the championships at the venue)


A selection of photos from our official photographer at the 2017 event is available on our Gallery page
A wider selection of photos is available to view and purchase on the photographer's website (Click HERE to open in a new window).


 Regulations for the event were changed in August 2017 

Ages are calculated at midnight 31st August/1st September at the beginning of academic year of competition:

e.g. for competitions in school year 2018/19, swimmers must have been born in the date range below (inclusive) to participate in that age-group's events:
NOTE: Nominal school years are provided for information only and will not apply if a student is outside of the normal intake age for the year e.g. if they have retaken a year.

   Date of Birth  Age      Normally School year  Date of Birth range  
 Age Group  Latest  Earliest    From  To   From   To   
 Junior  31/08/07  01/09/05  11  12 7 8 01/09/05 - 31/08/07 
 Inter. 31/08/05  01/09/03  13  14 9 10 01/09/03 - 31/08/05 
Senior 31/08/03 01/09/00 15 17 11 13 01/09/00 - 31/08/03


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can enter?

This is a team event where swimmers represent their school rather than their club. It is open to all secondary school aged swimmers. All schools are automatically affiliate to ESSA on entry to any of its events; there is no need to pre-register or affiliate. Home schooled swimmers that wish to participate should contact their division representative.
Para swimmers represent their division.

How does my school enter?

Entry forms are made available by each division for their qualifying gala. These forms are often emailed by division representatives to schools that have previously participated or expressed an interest, and are also made available via the division's webpage of this website. Schools may enter only ONE qualifying gala. Some qualifying round galas permit a school to enter more than one team in each age group, but this is subject to the organisers discretion and only the nominated A team will be eligible for progression to the national finals.
Para teams are organised by the division's representative, so if you have a swimmer in your school who is interested in competing, please contact your division representative.

When is the qualifying event in our area?

All qualification galas are published on the relevant division's webpage of this website.
Schools are not restricted to entering galas in their own division (or county where events are organised at a county level), however the organiser may place restrictions on out of area schools to ensure safe and efficient running of their gala.

What events are included?

Teams compete in 4x50m Freestyle and Medley relays. These are always run short-course (in a 25m pool) during the qualifying round. National Finals are usually run long-course (in a 50m pool); however, this is subject to the availability of a suitable pool. There are three age groups (Junior, Intermediate and Senior), each of which is run as a Boys and a Girls event.
In addition, Divisions can enter Para teams, run as separate Boys and Girls events, with a range of disability point to accommodate a wide range of para swimmers.

Can we enter a team with an underage swimmer?

No, swimmers must be within the applicable age range for their age group. ESSA events are based on age groups that set upper and lower ages for swimmers. Ages are based on ages at the start of the academic year (31st August/1st September). 

Can we change swimmers between rounds?

Yes, A team can be changed between the qualifying round and the national finals. Further changes can be made between the heats and finals of an event within the National Finals gala. Also, whilst each age group can participate in a Freestyle and Medley relay, there is no requirement for these to use the same four swimmers.


 All records were reinitialised in 2014 to reflect the new age groups.

National Championships Results

60th  Secondary Team Championship Results (2017-18)
59th Secondary Team Championship Results (2016-17)

58th Secondary Team Championship Results (2015-16)