Summer Open (Individual) Championships 2022

The Summer Open (Individual) Championships organiser is Stewart Nicklin

In 2022, ESSA are holding their 2nd Summer Open Championships. It is open to all school age swimmers from 9 years old, including para swimmers.

2022 Event 

Licensed by Swim England at Level 3 (3SE220702)
Date: 2nd/3rd July 2022
Venue: K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley, RH11 9BQ
             50m Pool, 8 Lanes, full electronic timing with anti-turbulence lane ropes
Age Groups: 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15 and over. Ages are calculated as at 3rd July 2022 (Last day of competition)
Events: 50m, 100m and 200m all strokes plus 200m IM, 400m Freestyle & IM
All events will be heat declared winners.
(Para swimmers may enter the events shown in their respective classification that have qualifying times)
Fees: £6 per event (cheques payable to ESSA, Payment by BACS available on request)
Awards: Awards to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age group. (HDW)
Entries: Entries to be sent to Stewart Nicklin
- Club, School, Individual and Para entry files will be linked below when available
Closing Date: Friday 27th May 2022

Spectators: £5 per session,  £15 for both days (all 4 sessions).
Concessions : £3 per session,  £10 for both days (all 4 sessions).
Children Under 13 Free.

Check here for updates.
See below for entry files, editable forms and details of session times etc


This is a Level 3 licensed meet. We are a little short of officials for Session 2 and 4 - if anyone is able to stay on from the morning session this will reduce the risk of having to run the afternoon sessions as 6 lanes.
Please contact or complete the online form at
Expenses will be paid in accordance with our expenses policy:

Accepted Entries - Updated with corrections @ 27th June 2022

Please Note: This version has been updated with status of match to Rankings information. If the status against a swimmer is not shown as 'OK', we will not be able to upload their results to Rankings. Please contact by end of competition on Sunday 2nd July with any corrections to enable a match to be made and times to be successfully uploaded.


Withdrawals close for each session at the start of the session's Warm-Up.
Withdrawals can be made using the online form
Paper forms will be available at the control Desk (Upstairs), and at the referee's table (near the start end of the pool, completed forms should be attached to the 'string')


Live Start-Lists and Results will appear during the meet at

Programme of Events

(Finish times are best estimates) [Please note adjustments to Sunday Timings, which had inadvertently been left at original estimates]

Session 1
Warm up 8:00am; Start 9:00am; Finish 12:15pm
Session 3
Warm up 8:00am; Start 9:00am; Finish 12:30pm
101 Boys 400m Freestyle  301 Girls 400m Freestyle
102 Girls 200m Individual Medley  302 Boys 200m Individual Medley
103 Boys 50m Butterfly  303 Girls 50m Butterfly
104 Girls 50m Breaststroke  304 Boys 50m Breaststroke
105 Boys 100m Freestyle  305 Girls 100m Freestyle
106 Girls 200m Backstroke  306 Boys 200m Backstroke
107 Boys 200m Breaststroke  307 Girls 200m Breaststroke
108 Girls 200m Freestyle  308  Boys 200m Freestyle
Session 2
Warm up 12:45pm; Start 1:45pm; Finish 4:00pm 
Session 4
Warm up 1:00pm; Start 2:00pm; Finish 4:00pm 
201 Girls 400m IM  401 Boys 400m IM
202 Boys 100m Backstroke  402 Girls 100m Backstroke
203 Girls 100m Butterfly   403  Boys 100m Butterfly
204 Boys 200m Butterfly   404 Girls 200m Butterfly
205 Girls 50m Backstroke   405  Boys 100m Breaststroke
206 Boys 50m Freestyle  406  Girls 50m Freestyle
207 Girls 100m Breaststroke     407  Boys 50m Backstroke


Meet Conditions, entry forms etc.

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SportSystems entry files have been updated to V2 to fix an error in the swimby date. Please ensure you are using the correct version (file name SO22_EntryDataV2.sef)

SportSystems Entry-Manager V2 download


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can enter?

This is an individual event where swimmers represent themselves. They may enter directly, through their club or their school. It is open to all secondary school aged swimmers, and primary school swimmers that have reached the age of 9 by the last day of the championships, including Para swimmers.

Championships Results

1st Summer Open Championships - 2019