East Midlands Secondary Schools Team Championships 2023

You may qualify through events run by East Midlands or other dvisions and the event run by West Midlands Division in Warwick is recommended for schools from South Leicestershire & Northamptonshire
You may only attend one qualifying event. 

1. **Nottingham High School.  Friday 13th October 3.00pm to 7.00pm

      - please note there is no spectator space at this venue, it is only for swimmers, officials & helpers. Schools must bring an official with them. 
      - ‘b’ teams will be allowed subject to there being space.
2. **Warwick School. Warwick. CV34 6PP. Friday 6th October 4.30pm warm up - see West Midlands page for details
      - It is suggested that schools from South Leicestershire & Northamptonshire consider attending this venue                           
Rules & regulations can be found on the essa website:  
The essa finals will take place at TBA on saturday 18th november 2023 where the top schools from each category will be invited to compete.
If you require further details:
0116 2716166  or 07761813335 or email young37@talktalk.net


The Para team is usually put together by the Divisional Representative based on nominations received.
The Para team does not need to qualify at a county / divisional gala or submit time trial results.
The Para team is made up from swimmers from different schools, so there is no need to find four swimmers from your school.
Please put names forward to your Divisional Representative if you have a suitable swimmer in your school or county.

Thank you

Chris Young
East Midlands Representative