South West

Matthew Henry

Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire

I have been a swimmer my whole life and I am still competing at my grand old age!

Now most of my time is dedicated towards coaching at Dartmoor Darts Aquatic in Devon, where I am head coach of a small team with lots of talent.

In my school years I was fortunate to have swam in ESSA competitions many times including winning multiple schools relays titles with my school and multiple inter-divisional wins with Division 5 as it was then called. I was also just young enough to be in the inaugural UK school games where I won 3 medals. 

I am now very pleased to be on the other side of ESSA , being able to commit and help with the workings of a great organisation in the interest of the young, up and coming school athletes.

Phone: tba