English Schools Swimming Association Age Groups

The ESSA are changing the age groups of their competitions.

From September 2014 age groups will be as follows:

Junior: Over 11 and Under 13 – (Normally Years 7 & 8)

Intermediate: Over 13  and Under 15 – (Normally Years 9 & 10)

Senior: Over Over 15 and Under 18 (Normally Years 11,12 & 13)


Ages are evaluated as at midnight 31st August / 1st September at the start of the academic year of competition

The first competition where the new age groups will apply will be The Secondary Teams Relays to be held on 22nd November 2014 at The London Aquatic Centre, a first for the ESSA.

The previous age groups will remain in place for Water Polo for one more year and will be changed to the above groups with effect from September 2015.

The ESSA have reviewed the new age groups from an Educational point of view before deciding on the change. It has been thought for some time and by many that children in year 7 are often overlooked in their first year of Secondary School when it comes to representing their school in sporting activities. These changes should allow year 7 students the opportunities to represent their school and/or Division in local and National competitions.