International School Sport Federation

isf logo Each World Schools Championship brings together young students from all over the globe, providing them with an enriching lifetime experience both in sport competitions and multicultural exchanges.

The Gymnasiade School Summer Games 2018 takes place in Morocco
18 sports.
10 World Schools Championships per year.
10,000 participants per year.
3-7 days of competitions.

Gymnasiade School Summer Games 2018

Marrakesh, Morocco, 2nd-9th May 2018

The team selected to represent ESSA at this event are:
Girls Boys
Abby Jackson
Georgina Dennis
Tegan Drew
Rachel Taylor  
Sophie Hobbah
Elizabeth Harris
Sophie Yendell
Rebecca Clynes
Caitlin Hubbard
Emilia Sansome
Rosanna Arnold
Jane Brown
Marcus Dey
Matthew George
Ben Harrison
Ben Hooper
Samuel Osborne
Matthew Richards  
Callum Smart
Ewan Smith
Harry Noble
Harley Beenjes
Oliver Taverner
Sam Dailley